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10 Sign You Are Very Stress

Stress is a normal physical response when someone is feeling threatened or impaired balance. But if you have these symptoms, then you are likely experiencing high levels of stress. Everyone sometimes have a stressful day, frustrated or many demands that could trigger it experienced chronic stress and easily exposed to the contagious disease, especially. If someone is experiencing symptoms such as these should take a little time for relaxation to reduce stress, as quoted from Lifemojo.
1. Colds are continuously
Stress can suppress immune function that makes a person more easily develop infectious diseases, one of which is a cold continuous or long recovery.

2. A rattling of the teeth when asleep
When you're stressed out, someone will more likely menggemeretakkan teeth while sleeping, this condition can erode the enamel and make crack fillings teeth. Moreover it can also make the jaw pain or sore in the mouth.

3. Disorders or pain in the stomach
When there is an attack of intestinal lining becomes stressed, sensitive to negative hormones secreted by the body. This condition triggers a lot of digestive problems such as heartburn, abdominal pain, cramps or diarrhoea associated with chronic stress.

4. Back pain and headache
When stress subconsciously people will be in a position to tighten the muscles can cause pain, sore or pain in the back. While mind stress continually can cause tension that can trigger a headache.

5. Insomnia
Insomnia problems can affect a lot of people, but stress and anxiety is the number 1 cause for this issue.

6. Hard to think clearly
When stress is very difficult to concentrate and focus on whatever will she/he do or say. So people can't think clearly and rationally.

7. Acne
Stress makes the body's androgen releasing into the blood. This hormone will increase levels of sebum in the body that can clog pores and cause acne.

8. Sensitive gums
A study published in the Journal of Periodontology shows stress can make the body unable to fight bad bacteria that settles on the gums causing inflammation, bleeding and pain that makes cleaning the mouth deteriorate.

9. Itching and skin rash
Stress can activate the immune system in the skin so it will be responded with a chronic inflammatory cause itching. This is a basic proof that stress can make skin rash and aggravate the disorder such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

10. Twitch in the eye and hair loss
Eyelid twitch when people will begin to moderate stress. In addition to emotional stress or physically pushing a large amount of hair to get into phase break. In a few months hair will fall out when combing or wash it.

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The Fastest Guitarist in Guiness Book of World Records

This is it the fastest guitarist recorded by Guinness Book of World  Records. His name is Tiago Della Vega.

Tiago Della Vega is the guitarist in Brazil. Born in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, he began to learn to play acoustic guitar at the age of five years. After a year, he realized that the electric guitar's greatest passions. He started learning the electric guitar, practicing 14 hours a day. Tiago Della Vega played with the band After Dark and Fermatha. Today, he travels around the world playing and doing workshops. He previously held the title of the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest guitar player in the world, plays The Flight of The Bumblebee by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 340bpm/beats per minute at the CES in Las Vegas. He broke the previous record on May 9, 2008 in EM & T in Sao Paulo. He supported the Orange Amps and plays a custom signature Andrellis 7 string guitar has 24 frets and Floyd Rose Tremolo, the Andrellis TDV.

Just check it out his video. Two thumbs up :)

Top 7 Sms Replacement Application

1. BlackBerry Messenger
BlackBerry Messenger a.k.a BBM chat application is one of the most popular in Indonesia. Special applications for BlackBerry phones can not only be used to send the message, but also the image and sound.

2. WhatsApp
WhatsApp can say as a cross platform chat application is very popular. This software is also increasingly triumphant after bundled into many different types of Nokia phones. However, unlike a FUEL requires the user to subscribe to a particular package, to wear Your pretty subscription package WhatApp internet already almost offered all operators

3. iMessage

iMessage newly introduced since the emergence of the iOS 4, so it is still relatively new. But with the number of users of iPhone applications is increasingly popular.

4. Line
This application is not much different to WhatsApp, but there are some advantages of simple interest. Line had 255 emoticons funny. Fun again, this application can also make phone calls just by making use of internet access.

5. Yahoo Messenger

Initially Yahoo Messenger (YM) is only available for computers, but has slowly started to crawl into the realm of smartphones. The great thing this app could be more widely used, no matter Your smartphone user or featured phone.

6. Skype
These applications are known to make a phone call and the video, but it turns out that Skype is also quite fun to use to chat. Another advantage of this application is available dibanyak mobile phone platforms and computers.

7. Facebook Messenger

Indeed, Facebook Messenger only provides service between fellow citizens of Facebook chat. But with so many users in Indonesia makes this application could be an option as a medium chit-chat with friends.

8 Interesting Fact Shaun The Sheep Movie

Shaun the sheep is an animated children's tv series broadcast by MNC TVs and B-Channel
Recently disclosed that the movie Shaun The Sheep very popular by various circles of young people up to the old. Especially adolescents today also so tetariknya with this cartoon movie. in fact, the film was entertaining various backgrounds from the old to the young.

Shaun The Sheep first appeared on television in 1995 in the film A Close Shave with characters Wallace and Gromit the dog. Duration is only four minutes but makes one a lot like it. And since then, Shaun has his own TV show on the BBC-created by Aardman production studio.

Here are some interesting things from the process of making :Behind The Scene" animation Shaun The Sheep :
1. The making of story time 
An episode of story ideas that are simple. Those ideas were submitted on the team scriptwiters to be processed into a good story.Then submitted on storyboard artist to make the story line, this phase also helps set dressers, prop-makers, model-makers, riggers and cameramen to prepare for taking pictures and whatever it takes.

2. Preparation of a scene

The grass on the farm purchased from hobby center, painted green to get the grass pattern fitting, coupled with grass reeds and flowers aster. Small black clots also spread out to get the effect of sheep dung. The grass was then spread on top of a perforated steel to get a good foundation. The Animator can then use magnets to keep the characters in place, and the use of steel to put up a tree, farmhouse, barn and other parts of the set remains in place.

3. Making of model 
Model-makers make the Lamb, then wrapping the body shaping their bodies with white wool. Feathers are then slightly doped and legs made of silicone added. And last head that can be mounted and removed dibadan. We have a number of bodies, some of them have four legs, and some are just two, depending on the scene, said Chris.

4. Propping up
Property maker called to make everything from a sheep-sized beach towel, bath toys to Timmy, and even a table for the magic. Prop maker Helen Javes said: everything is created manually, making it very complicated. Even leg table created manually in order to get the right shape. But the job is not without risk of prop maker. Teriris finger, sharp knife and caught fire due to heat from the glue is the risk of daily work.

5. The expression of the eyes
Sheep's eyes have tiny holes so they can be manipulated to make them look to the left, right, up, down. Each animator also have special eyelids made dozens of small pieces of purple dome-shaped playdough can be added to make eyeballs flashing sheep, or look sleepy. Because sheep do not speak, they use expressions to tell stories or give a moment of comedy. eyelid merka is torment for the animator's eye.

6. Storage
When not in use, the sheep and the sheep pieces can be found stored in the shelf in between room studio in Aardman Animation, here can find a backup to Shaun's feet, a little extra fluff, and one or two sheep are broken!

7. Slapstik comedy
Apart from a few sound of bleating Shaun and his friends, sound  from Bitzer and the grunts from farmers, Shaun and the sheep is the TV series silent but while Gromit, Wallace has a voice to keep the story going on in their films, Shaun does not have that luxury.

It's easier to make a lip-sync animation because it is one of the most time consuming aspect for animators, " said Chris.

8. Patient and careful
A character in Shaun and the sheep moved 25 times per second, meaning the animators had to rearrange scene 1,500 times only one minute of footage. They average finishing seven seconds of footage per day. It seems not so much, but when compared with Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit and Chicken Run, they work with very high speeds

World No Tobacco Day 31th May

until when Indonesia will have mercy on the cigarette ?

If the smokers consider the cigarette is human rights, then it must be ensured that the rights of others for a breath of fresh air is not disturbed. Indonesia is considered less firmly protect the rights to the fresh air and more shame on cigarettes.

In the various International Forums that discuss the dangers of cigarettes and tobacco, Indonesia is often obscured because it does not agree on Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FTCT) or International Agreement on Tobacco Control. More painful yet, INDONESIA as the only countries of ASEAN and ASIA Pacific that did not ratify the FCTC is also often obscured. (Other countries that have not signed, among others: Andora, Monaco, Eritrea, Somalia, Turkmenistan and Zimbabwe).

As was the case in the 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH) in Singapore, the satire come from ASEAN Secretary-general Surin Pitsuwan. Though not overtly describe Indonesia, but the satire is boisterous laughter greeted thousands of conference attendees.

"All ASEAN countries I guess had agreed about tobacco control, except ... Ah, I don't want to call his name", said Surin who daily based in the ASEAN secretariat in Jakarta.

Actually what the sin Indonesia by not ratify FCTC,  until must have to bully in every international meeting about tobacco?

Various scientific studies have proved, cigarettes are responsible for various kinds of cancer and chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disorders. The impact of the most widely found is a respiratory disorder, ranging from infectious tuberculosis (TB) to lung cancer.

A book called The Tobacco Atlas 4th Edition has just been released, revealing the victims were killed by diseases related to cigarette has reach 100 million people throughout the 20th century. Expected in the 21st century, the number will be increased up to 1 billion people!

Not only the adult smokers who become victims, children who have not known the cigarette also felt the impact as passive smoking or second hand smoker. Of the entire population of children around the world, an estimated 40 per cent involved inhaling cigarette smoke.

According to the book compiled by Michael Eriksen, Judith Mackay and Hana Ross, conditions in Indonesia is bad. The percentage of children who are exposed to cigarette smoke reaches 64,7%, even foreign media a couple of times to preach the children Indonesia is addicted to cigarettes as happened in Sukabumi not long ago about a boy named Adi Inspiration 8 years old but already smoking.

This condition was also not better when viewed by number of cigarettes consumed. If cigarette consumption around the world reached 6 million cigarettes each year, one family in Indonesia could spend an average of 1,870 cigarettes every year.

A matter of price, cigarettes in Indonesia including the least expensive with an average of US $ 1,4 or about  12.000 IDR  per packet and that can still be purchased in retail. The Tobacco Atlas, the people of Indonesia referred to the need to work for only 4 minutes to get 1 cigarettes.

In fact, in many countries, cigarette taxed fairly high that the prices are not reached by the middle-low economy. For example in the USA cigarette price reached us $ 12 or around 110,000 IDR every rices . In Egypt, smoking wear shisha taxable 100 percent and cigarettes ordinary taxed amounting to 75 percent.

Not to mention the issue of the inclusion of the pictorial warnings. Instead of fulfilling the recommendations of 15th WCTOH i.e. roughly 75 percent of cigarette packaging, a new Government could require the inclusion of a written warning which sometimes means not caught by children and illiterate.

According to Bloomberg, currently recorded Philantropies existing 174 countries that agreed to the FCTC to protect a more human than smoking, i.e. for a breath of fresh air. According to recommendation WCOTH, expected on the 15th by 2015 all countries have ratified the FCTC.

Source : detikHealth

EURO CUP History

The UEFA European Football Championship is the main football competition of the men's national football teams governed by the UEFA. Held every four years since 1960, in the even-numbered year between World Cup tournaments, it was originally called the European Nations Cup, changing to the name European Football Championship in 1968. Specific championships are often referred to in the form "Euro 2008" or whichever year is appropriate.

Early ages
In 1956, the groundwork for a European national team competition was laid. Two years later, in 1958, the first European Nations Cup began. The original format of the competition saw the early rounds played in home and away matches between the countries on a knockout basis. This continued until the semi-finals, where the remainder of the competition was played in the host country, chosen from the four semi-finalists.
The French Football Federation’s Henri Delaunay came up with the idea of a European championship in 1927. Given the immense efforts that Delaunay had put into setting up a European national teams competition, UEFA deemed it appropriate that the inaugural competition be hosted by France. The trophy presented to the competition winner still bears his name.
The 1964 competition was the first European Nations Cup to be affected by politics as it saw Greece refusing to play Albania as they were technically (though not officially) at war.
The European Nations Cup changed its name to the UEFA European Football Championship for 1968 and also a new format was introduced. Eight groups of seeded teams played each other twice and the top side of each group proceeded to two-legged quarter finals.

The Henri Delaunay Trophy, which is awarded to the winner of the European Football Championship, is named in honor of Henri Delaunay, the first General Secretary of UEFA, who came up with the idea of a European championship but died five years prior to the first tournament in 1960. His son Pierre Delaunay was the person in charge of making the trophy.
Since the first tournament it has been awarded for the winning team to keep for four years, until the next tournament. For the 2008 tournament, the trophy was slightly remodelled making the trophy larger, as well as minor cosmetic changes. The trophy was made 18 centimetres taller and two kilograms heavier.

A step further
In 1980 UEFA introduced a new format, which saw eight teams go to the finals instead of four, and then play each other in two groups of four teams; the winner of each group then proceeded to the final. However the newer format was not retained in 1984, and a different format was used, again employing group stages, but this time in place of only the quarter-finals. The top two teams from each of the two groups progressed to the semi-finals.
The 1992 competition was held in Sweden during a time of European political change, a united Germany was represented and as a result of the break up of the Soviet Union, a Commonwealth of Independent States of the former Soviet Union. Yugoslavia made it to the finals but were excluded as a result of hostilities in their country, Denmark replaced them.
With the break up of the Soviet Union all of the former Soviet bloc countries were required to enter separately. Now that there were more teams, a format that accommodated this was required. With 48 teams entering the competition, and after the enlargement of the World Cup which had more European sides qualifying for it than the European Championships themselves, 16 teams travelled to the finals in England. The teams were put into 4 groups, the winner and runner up of each group progressed to a new round of quarter-finals. The semi-finals and final remained the same.
Belgium and the Netherlands became the first countries to jointly host the event in 2000. France won, again the final was decided by golden goal, David Trezeguet was the scorer. In 2004 the event was held in Portugal, with the silver goal rule being used for the first time.
The next tournament will be co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine in 2012.

A recent innovation has allowed countries to act as joint hosts. Belgium and the Netherlands were the first countries to co-host the competition in 2000. In the 2012 tournament Poland and Ukraine will co-host the event, held from 8 June to 1 of July, 2012. Many also talk about an expansion of the tournament grid to 24 teams, due to the increasing number of FAs in Europe after the Yugoslavia and USSR breakups.

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Make a Pizza

Pizza was thought of in Italy but traveled across the atlantic to begin in the U.S,it has now become a popular type of food, it can go with almost anything and creating your own could taste better than the ones you buy in the shop. This article will give you 2 different ways of creating your pizza, one method is faster than the other!
* Dough or premade dough
* Tomato paste
* Pepperoni
* Cheese
* Any other toppings you want.
* Olive oil(Optional)
Oven Method (Slower)
1. Preheat your oven to about 180c or 350F. (C=Celsius F=Fahrenheit.)
2. Buy ready-made pizza bases,. If you have plenty of time, then you can just get dough.
3. Spread tomato paste on your pizza base. .
4. Add a sprinkling of cheese.
5. Add any other toppings that you might enjoy
6. Place your pizza on an oven tray sprayed with olive-oil, so that the pizza doesn’t stick.
7. Put your pizza in the oven, and turn it down to about 160C or 320F degrees. #Take it out after about 15 – 25 minutes, depending on your oven. Use your own judgment to tell when the pizza is ready. The cheese should be a golden brown, but it should not be burnt.
Grill Method (Faster)
1. Spread the sauce all over the tortilla but you might want to leave a little crust around the edge.
2. Put on your toppings and arrange.
3. Grate the cheese over the pizza.
4. Simply put it under the grill. Be careful not to get burned and your pizza could sizzle and pop because of the common bubbles in the pizza crust.
5. Take it out after three minutes, it should be done!
Wood-fired oven method (Even faster)
1. Get your pizza base, it can be any sort, although it can’t be more than 2 cms thick.
2. Place your tomato base and toppings on.
3. Make sure your Wood-fired oven is very hot for the best pizza ever and to help the pizza cook faster.
4. Put your pizza into the oven, preferably on a tray so the base does not burn.
5. Turn your pizza every 30 seconds for two minutes, and at the 1:30 mark take it off the tray. Now your pizza should be done.
6. Take your pizza out and enjoy!

My Opinion : described above is an easy way to make pizza. I think everyone can try to make pizza at home after reading this article. indeed it all depends on our skill in cooking. but it never hurts to try making your own pizza, who knows it could be an opportunity to become an entrepreneur pizza.

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